Our step by step health assessments and board spectrum of health activities, not only comes as a preventive measure but also direct intervention for a promising health and longevity, both for our junior and senior generations.

We offer value for money health seminars and talks covering a board spectrum of topics including Nutrition, Common Injuries and Weight and Diet Programmes.These are highly valuable knowledge that acts as an intervention and prevention for the members of the public and corporations alike. Serving our people the best way we know how for a promising health and longevity.

The Gift of Health and Wealth is upon us! Like to organize workplace programmes for your company staff well-being? Well doing so with us, receive up to $20,000 of grants from government bodies and exclusive additional supporting Developmental Health Grants for Women Health and Senior Management! Ready call us right away!

Maximum Wellness helps you to work through your social groups. Simply select a programme you and your friends or co-workers are interested in, get them to register with us and you get paid up to hundreds of dollars! It's that simple. 

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